Useful Information


Standard appointments are for 15 minutes.  It is usually only possible to deal with one or two problems in that time.

If you think you need a longer appointment time, please remember to arrange this when you book your appointment. Please note, this may incur an additional fee.

For review of a long term medical problem, it is helpful if you could book 2-3 days ahead.

We make every effort to run to time, but on occasions unexpected emergencies, or a consultation running overtime, will cause delays.

Repeat Prescriptions

You will need to allow 24 hours for repeat prescription requests

We are happy to provide repeat prescriptions for certain stable ongoing conditions.  You will be required to see your Doctor for review regularly for these conditions.  To arrange a repeat prescription, please phone our Nursing team on (09) 267 2636.  The Nurse will let you know if you need to see your Doctor or not for a repeat prescription.

House Calls

House calls are available for patients that need them, and can be arranged by calling our Nursing team.  There is a special house-call fee to cover both travel and the extra time involved.

Nurse Consultations

Please call the surgery to arrange a Nurse consultation.  The Nurses can help with immunisations, dressings, travel vaccines, dressings, ear syringing, liquid nitrogen, blood pressure follow up, diet and health education, stop smoking advice, smears, and many other health advice.  Please note that there is usually a nurse consultation fee for these services


Please note there is a small fee to cover the cost of materials and the Nurse’s time.  Please make an appointment for any dressings you may require.

Lab Results

We do our best to contact you with any abnormal results and to arrange follow up and action if needed.  You are however welcome to phone and ask the Nurse for your results

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about our service, please come and speak to us about it.  Any complaints should be made to the Practice Manager –  Terri Ross, who will work with you to resolve any complaint you may have.


We welcome any feedback or suggestions from our Patients.  We have Feedback forms available at Reception for you to complete, or feel free to call Terri Ross, our Practice Manager.

Enrolment in PHO

Our Practice is a member of the Alliance Health Plus PHO. If you choose to enrol with us you will get the benefits of PHO funding, which means your Doctors fees and prescriptions will be cheaper.  Enrolment means that you plan to get the most of your primary healthcare through our practice team, and together, we plan to meet your health needs.